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Relaxing Bath Soak Granules

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Whether you have had a tiring day at the office or a tough training session, allow the powerful heat-activated bath soak formulation to help soothe tired, exhausted muscles, tension and fatigue.


Key Ingredients: Mustard Powder, Eucalyptus Oil, Oil of Camphor.

Mustard Powder
• Stimulates blood flow and circulatory system
• When rubbed onto sore joints or muscles it creates a warming effect, providing pain relief and loosening tightness of muscular aches or spasms.

Eucalyptus Oil
• Eucalyptus Oil contains the compound eucalyptol which is used in many rubs, ointments and rash creams.
• Great anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties
• Massaging the oil into the skin helps to relieve joint and muscle pain
• Recommended for treatment of sprains and stiff, sore muscles as well as wounds and skin irritations.

Camphor Oil
• Effective cooling and penetrating properties help to soothe internal and external inflammation
• Facilitates blood circulation
• Duel action of hot and cold. When first applied, the oils numbs and cools peripheral nerve endings then warms the area of pain by stimulating circulation to cold, stiff muscles or joints.

Perfect For: Soothing tired muscles, tension and fatigue.