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Menthol Hot Gel

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Used as a massage gel, the active ingredients stimulate nerve receptors, causing a feeling of coolness on the affected area. Once massaged in thoroughly, heat is brought to the area of pain providing relief.

Available in a handy 75ml tube to keep in your gym bag.


Key Ingredients: Menthol, Wintergreen Oil, Arnica Oil.
Menthol Crystals
• Imparts a cooling sensation to the skin
• Effective analgesic properties by chemically triggering cold sensitive receptors in the skin, feeding positive sensory messages back to the brain, easing perception of pain and bringing about feeling of relief.
• Helps to relieve muscle pains, minor aches and sprains.

Wintergreen Oil
• Essential Oil extracted from the leaves of the plant
• Main component is Methyl Salicylate (Aspirin-like molecule)
• Analgesic properties which assist with pain relief of sore muscles and joints
• Stimulates circulation of blood and lymph which aid the recovery and healing processes

Arnica Oil
• Used to treat pain and swelling associated with muscular pains, bruises, sprains and arthritis.
• Excellent massage oil for sports injuries or tired, sore muscles.
• Reduces inflammation and relaxes tense muscles.

Perfect For: Treating muscle pain and inflammation. This non-sticky gel formulation is recommended as it feels somewhat like a cold fire while easing pain perception in the affected area.