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Icy Arnica Gel

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Experience an intense cooling sensation provided by the active ingredients in the formulation combined with the anti-inflammatory properties of arnica. The cold stimulus helps override the feeling pain and reduce swelling and joint inflammation.

Available in a 75ml tube


Key Ingredients: Menthol, Arnica Oil.
Menthol Crystals
• Imparts a cooling sensation to the skin
• Effective analgesic properties by chemically triggering cold sensitive receptors in the skin, feeding positive sensory messages back to the brain, easing perception of pain and bringing about feeling of relief.
• Helps to relieve muscle pains, minor aches and sprains.

Arnica Oil
• Used to treat pain and swelling associated with muscular pains, bruises, sprains and arthritis.
• Excellent massage oil for sports injuries or tired, sore muscles.
• Reduces inflammation and relaxes tense muscles.

Perfect For: Treating inflammation via the Arnica active ingredient. This non-sticky gel formulation has a strong cold stimulatory feedback mechanism, helping to ease the perception of pain and bring about relief.